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We do three things

1. We help companies define their value proposition.

2. We help companies plan their route to market.

3. We help companies with their marketing communications.

Value Proposition

Your proposition to the market must be driven by customer needs and your not operational competencies. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There are many new card products being brought to the market, and they are not all proving to be successful. What are you doing to understand how your audience will respond to your product’s performance and its price? How accurately can card user behaviours be modelled when applied to your sector? 

With product innovation comes risk, defining and testing the value proposition is the key to mitigating this risk. We would like to help you with this process.

Route to market

Whether it’s a credit, debit, stored value or loyalty programme (or combination), there are numerous of ways to bring your product to market.

Jurisdictional, geographical, economic and technological factors all effect the best course of action when implementing a new card programme. Do you have the right strategies for the implementation and service provision for your particular market? Have you identified the optimal structure of service providers and suppliers for your programme? 

5 grams of plastic has advisors with experience of delivering card programmes to market over many years. We can help.

Contact us.

Marketing communications

Good communication with end users can drive card usage and customer retention, bad communication can keep a card programme in the starting blocks.

5 grams of plastic can provide advice on successful ways of communicate with card users to ensure well launched products return the results expected of them, using best practice and innovative techniques. Contact us