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We are all used to presenting a plastic card to initiate a transaction or process. The plastic cards in your wallet can be purchasing devices, proofs of identity, keys, data recorders, or electronic purses. The average consumer is very comfortable with the different properties of the various types of card and the format is becoming ever more popular.

Putting your company’s brand on a card product, or delivering a service through a card platform, is an excellent way to gain rapid adoption of your products or services. With card technologies constantly evolving there are many opportunities to bring exciting and innovative products to the market.

The brand on the card

Compare how often you use a bank card to how often you go into a bank.  Your most regular contact with a bank’s brand will be via the bank card in your wallet. A card product can mean your customers interacting with your brand daily rather than once a month - cards are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

With these benefits comes responsibility, in consumers’ eyes the company with their brand on the card is responsible for the card working as expected. They neither know nor care about any of third party service providers that operate the money transfers and data management behind the scenes; the processors, acquirers, issuers, and manufacturers. It is vital for the brand owner therefore, to partner with the right suppliers in the industry in order to design and deliver a robust product. 5 grams of plastic has the experience to help brand owners enter the card market with confidence. Find out more...

The benefits of a card programme

With the extensive range of card applications available, card programmes can provide business solutions in both the public and private sector. Local authorities need to move social benefits efficiently and securely - cards are an excellent medium for this. Companies with a large customer base can use cards to leverage their brand and gain entry into new markets, whilst other businesses can introduce card programmes internally, replacing existing processes in order to increase monetary control, reduce cost and reduce risk.

A card programme could provide a substantial, lasting benefit to your business, but they can be costly to implement and do not always deliver the results expected. We can provide an informed unbiased analysis of the opportunities. Contact us.

Designing a card programme

With all the convergent technologies, competing companies and consumer expectations how does one design a commercially viable, cost effective, robust programme that fulfils your business needs? Where can one find the data to build reliable financial models? What parts of the programme design and management should be outsourced? What marketing and communication strategies have worked best in your sector?

5 grams of plastic can help your company find answers to these questions. We provide strategic and tactical advice to companies looking to make cards work for them. Whether you are looking at market entry viability or wishing to increase the ROI on existing programmes make sure you talk to us. Click here to get in touch.

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